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Voice Transcription OutsourcingAxiom offers high quality and cost-effective Voice Transcription Service which covers varying needs of General Business, Medical , legal , Universities and Entertainment industry.


The voice transcription industry is undergoing rapid changes. Technological advances as well as widening security concerns, as evidenced by regulatory requirements, are converging to bring about a new level of sophistication and integration of voice technology into everyday use. Outsourcing Transcription Services, moving in line with the changing and demanding requirements of global clients, has been able to stay ahead of our competitors in the industry, by providing professional Voice Transcription services.


The scope of voice transcription outsourcing is infinite when considering the mission-critical nature of various tasks carried out in industries such as Health Care, Medical, Insurance, Legal, and Media. Whether it is doctors and medical professionals dictating patient history and physical reports, the legal and insurance industries that record verbal statements made in and out of court, or police, who record onsite for accident and crime reports, voice transcription is an inevitable requirement.


We convert all kinds of audio and video files to text transcript within fast turnaround times at competitive rates. Outsourcing Transcription Services caters to the voice transcription needs of clients that range from individuals with a one-time requirement to firms that require transcription services on a regular basis.


We possess state-of-the-art voice transcription technology that is ideally suited for voice transmission, storage, and transcription. Outsourcing Voice Transcription provide transcripts with excellent accuracy level, maintains higher voice quality, and generates much lower word error rate. We provide services from audio, video, and online voice files including MP3, .DSS, and WAV files.


The best utilization of a variety of new technologies on Voice Transcription, enable us to provide a number of advantages not offered by our competitors. It mainly includes:

  • High level of transcription accuracy
  • Fast turn-around
  • Greater Security
  • Reduced Cost
  • Voice Management
  • Dial-in dictation

We maintain an excellent team of voice transcriptionists, proofreaders, quality analysts, and editors. Their command over the English language and scientific/technical terms, tenacity in looking up quasi-famous names that the client might have missed, ability to understand foreign accents, and the accuracy level of transcripts are superior. Their comprehension skills and capacity to listen with concentration to pick up every word have reflected in high productivity rates and customer satisfaction levels.


Familiarity with the Western culture and its established customs, peeves, and passions, makes our work easy and enjoyable. Our workforce consists of only transcriptionists with excellent typing skills (speed and accuracy), time management skills, communication and interpersonal skills, knowledge of the outsourcing field, people skills, excellent verbal and writing skills, and familiar with the software and Internet usage.


Contact us to know more about our Voice Transcription outsourcing services. We respond to all requests, and any information you share with us will be confidential.